Amy Hamberry was working in her health food store when she started wondering why she couldn't get a good supply of the hot new item: kale chips.
She decided it was time for New York to have its own kale chips, and started making them and selling them in the New York Naturals store on Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn. With plenty of feedback from customers, she eventually created a delicious chip that is now sold in more than 150 stores in New York City and on the East Coast as well as online.
The chips did so well that Amy and her husband Joe decided to shut down the retail store in order to focus on kale chip production, opening a facility at the Monti Building in Brooklyn, a 120 year old warehouse with a 40kW solar installation on the roof.

New York Naturals Kale Chips have gotten great reviews. We make them by hand daily in our Brooklyn facility and ship them within a few days of being made, so they are always fresh and delicious.

New York Magazine says: "Doritos for health nuts: raw, vegan, delectably crispy wafers, made from kale leaves laboriously massaged with a cheesy-tasting coating of pulverized cashews, cayenne, red peppers, and lemon juice, and air-dried at 115 degrees for up to fifteen hours."

The New York Times says: The Rorschach allure of the dark, leafy shapes have you admiring the crisp kale chips before you nibble... not only are snack worthy and packed with nutrients, but they also can be used for dipping or as a salad topping or a garnish for all sorts of dishes, like baked fish or even soups. Amy Hamberry and Joe Orr make them by dehydrating kale in their Brooklyn plant, where some magic makes than taste fried.

Whole Living Magazine says: Why we love them: These high-fiber dehydrated chips have taken my affection for kale to a new level. They taste like Doritos but are as virtuous as a glass of green juice." says: Why we love it: These veggies taste like regular junk food, but contain about half the calories and double the vitamins of their crunchy counterparts. They are good on their own or you can add them to salads that need an extra crunch. They’re a little on the pricey side, but well worth the cost.

Peaceful Daily says: I recently broke down and purchased kale chips at my local health food store! They were amazing!!! The best chips I have ever had! Seriously if you don't have time to make your own you must try these. They are New York Naturals Kale Chips and they are raw, vegan and taste out of this world.